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To devote all life to children. The Mary Shevel Prize, in the amount of $ 5000 for the best work on children's topics

To devote all life to children. The Mary Shevel Prize, in the amount of $ 5000 for the best work on children's topics

To devote all life to children. The Mary Shevel Prize, in the amount of $ 5000 for the best work on…

Childhood - time without worries.

Childhood is the best time in life.

The annual Maria Shevel Prize for the best children's work in the amount of $ 5,000 was awarded to Arina Chunayeva from Russia. Arina started writing with the advent of her son Daniel, but from early childhood she dreamed of becoming a children's writer. Motherhood and an old dream of writing for children served as decisive factors and the beginning of the poetess's creative path. For the last two years she has been writing scripts for cartoons: "Fixies", "Flying Beasts", "Cars". Wrote her first children's book, Mouse Leia. In the past - a psychologist, and now a screenwriter, a journalist and a writer. All her current work is for children and about children.

The annual award ceremony for the winners of the “Open Eurasia 2018” contest 1 took place in the framework of the international festival “Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum2.

In addition to the four main awards in the categories “Literary work”, “Literary translation”, “Illustration” and “Video”, the winners of additional awards established by prominent figures of culture and art were announced. Prize them. Maria Shevel was established for the first time several years ago and is annually awarded to one of the contestants in the “Literary work” category for work written in any language, in any genre, but which is dedicated to children's topics. In 2017, writer Kamran Aliogly Salayev (Azerbaijan) became a laureate. He works as a children's psychiatrist and every day he is confronted with the difficulties that children overcome. Unfortunately, children's efforts alone are not enough. Adults in their surroundings should take a step towards each other; they only need to try to understand special children, to touch their fragile inner world. Otherwise, these children will not find their place in a huge and dangerous world. Having written fantasy - the story “Ilish and the wicker stories”, the author tried to build a bridge between the lonely island of a special child and the mainland inhabited by adults. Children's themes remain one of the most relevant and sought-after trends in world literature. Frankly speaking, it is very difficult to please the little readers and their parents. When opening a children's book, readers should fall into an ideal world full of wonders and fantasies. The laureate is chosen by the founders of the award independently, regardless of the participant’s inclusion in the list of finalists of the Open Eurasia competition.

Maria Shevel - Ukrainian architect, was born on May 1, 1943 in the Sumy region (Ukraine). After graduation, she was sent to Central Asia, where she took part in the construction of the Toktogul hydroelectric station (Kyrgyzstan). Since 1965 she worked under the personal guidance of Sharaf Rashidov on the development of the Hungry Steppe and the architectural appearance of the city of Jizzak (Uzbekistan). I sincerely fell in love with my new homeland Uzbekistan, I brought up 5 children. Winner of several state awards: Labor Hero, Labor Veteran, Maternity Medal and many others.

The meaning of life is children. And their own, and others.

Throughout our lives, we consciously or unconsciously devote to children: we communicate, play, give warmth and gifts, get angry at them because of pranks, give smiles and laughter, but most importantly - we listen to them, because that's how fairy tales are born.

The prize fund of $ 5,000 will be directed to the publication of the author’s work in the original edition in the capital of Great Britain, as part of the Eurasian Creative Guild series of books and presentation at the international festival “Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum”.

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Contest “Open Eurasia”, a connecting thread that unites everyone, despite the different geographical and political situation, allows you to develop, get acquainted with the newest works written in different countries, participate in their discussion, and therefore live in the general information field of modern literature . Open Eurasia provides an opportunity to popularize its participants, their works become more in demand among the public, and the winner in the category “literary work” gets the opportunity to publish his book in the UK.

Festival “Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum - OEBF” is an annual international literary festival and forum that brings together poets, writers, artists, directors, creative people of any profession from the Eurasian region and from all over the world. The festival and forum is built on the principle of openness and interaction of all arts based on literature, providing an opportunity to establish a dialogue within the literary and cultural space and providing an opportunity for authors to express themselves.

Eurasian Creative Guild (London) is a meeting place for professionals, which serves as a common platform for uniting creative people of all spheres and forms of art, covering a wide range of activities and serving as a meeting place and discussing their works with each other. She gathered dozens of cultural figures from around the world and was created as an association of writers, musicians, dancers, illustrators, graphic designers, sculptors, poets, as well as anyone who considers himself a creative person to promote their work around the world and search for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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