About us


FAM Group Media LLC was officially founded in July 2018. Our main areas are IT and media. The company, built on the basis of our previous experience, has already achieved a lot in a short period of time.

The company's media activities are carried out through the website.

It is an encyclopedic information site in four languages. The main goal of the site is to familiarize the public with information, to provide knowledge that meets the requirements and challenges of our time, to act in the direction of education.

Our main principles of work are accuracy, efficiency, impartiality and objectivity.

For the sake of a cheap sensation, which has become fashionable in recent years, our site does not publish information that is harmful to public interest, contains unfounded news, gossip. also does not post customized articles, publications containing information about tragic events that have a serious impact on the psyche of people - accidents, deaths and other crime news. Since the main line of our site is education, we do not allocate space for political articles. Exceptions can be made only in cases of special necessity, which may arise in connection with the violation of the territorial integrity and socio-political stability of our country.

Every day, 300-400 news are added to the news block of our site, and articles that are not on other media sites are translated and provided to readers. The section of the encyclopedia contains about 30,000 articles, which is regularly updated.

Along with the information provided, we are one of the leaders in the Internet space of our country in terms of the quantity, quality and value of educational information related to science, healthcare, technology and general prospects.

We not only provide information about modern technologies, but also effectively use their capabilities. On our site there is a block of voice news, which provides a unique opportunity for "lazy" readers or lovers of voice information.


Karabakh is Azerbaijan