Advertising on the website offers advertising and media cooperation services. offers advertising and media cooperation services. By placing a banner on our website, you can support the rapid development of our website. Our site works in four languages. As part of our partnership, we can ensure that your ads are presented to a wide audience in four languages. Press releases can be sent by email or to the site's editorial panel. It is also possible to send guaranteed and instant advertisements via notification to our approximately 10,000 subscribers. Thus, we offer the following services:

- placement of advertising with a banner on the website;

- adding press releases with advertising content in the framework of media cooperation and delivery to a wide audience;

- Instant delivery of ads to about 10,000 audiences with or without adding to the site.

To place an ad on the site, you can write an email to or the form on the site's contact page. You can also call 050-245-42-87.


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