How to save money?

How to save money?

How to save money?

Crisis in the yard or not, but not everyone has the ability to live on honestly earned money, no matter how much you earn. There are always those who are forever in debt, and those who can not only clearly fit into their incomes, but also put off “for a rainy day”.

How to avoid unnecessary expenses and stop wasting money? There are many tricks for this but let's consider with you the 8 most basic secrets:

Secret 1. Refuse to purchase branded products. Often, products and things of lesser-known manufacturers are no worse, but much cheaper.

Secret 2. If you are going to buy expensive medicine at a pharmacy, find out if there is any analogue for sale with the same active ingredient. Sometimes the advertised goods are 5 times higher than the price of their unknown twin brother.

Secret 3. Do not go shopping in the grocery store in a hungry state, otherwise you will inevitably buy an appetizing and expensive ready-made yummy instead of products from which you still need to prepare food.

Secret 4. Receive cash only at the ATM of the bank from which you have a card. In another bank, you will be charged interest on the service. Of course, you know this, but usually you neglect this "cheap" expense.

Secret 5. Discount coupon - not a reason to buy. Do not let us catch you on this bait! Buy only the right products, and do not let anyone provoke you to unplanned expenses. Praise yourself when you can overcome temptation.

Secret 6. Use sales, but only those that offer real discounts. Option 1 + 1 = 3 is only good if you buy things in three. Otherwise, it is a way to give you two extra things that you do not need.

Secret 7. When you purchase electrical appliances, pay attention to the energy efficiency class. Otherwise, having saved on the electrical appliance, you have to pay months and years for the extra electricity that it consumes.

Secret 8. Keep track of your health! Regular free-of-charge visits to doctors for the purpose of prevention are cheaper in all senses than treatment. Moreover, the prices for the services of dentists alone are such that they can leave you without a livelihood in a flash for the next month.


Source : Aznews

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