Rzayev Gasim Gara

Rzayev Gasim Gara

Date of birth: 05/05/1970 Date of death: 14/05/1992

He was born in Alibayli village of Tovuz region on the 5th of May, 1970. He obtained a profession of a driver after finishing secondary school in 1987. He was called for Military service in 1988 and completed his service in Nikopol city of Ukraine within the Artillery Unit. Gasim returned back to his country after he as demobilized from the Army in 1990 and a short while later voluntarily joined the self defense battalion to fight the enemy aggressors back. Gasim, as a first soldier of the National Army fought very bravely in the battles for the defense of Munnjuglu, Kokha – Nabi, Aghdam, Alibayli, and Hajalli villages. He would let the enemy rest and would always attack with the missile throwing device that he, himself installed into his own car.

 In the beginning of 1992 the bordering villages of Tovuz region had difficult times. Thus, the enemy would always attack and try to invade hem. But they would always be made retreat after losing a lot of manpower and military equipment. The brave sons of the region would not even give one inch of the land to the enemy.  Armenians were expecting to attack from the place called “Gan chanagi” on the 11th of February. Gasim headed to that place with several fighters and they made the enemy withdraw by the noon. One ICV (Infantry Combat Vehicle) of the enemy and a lot of manpower was destroyed. On the 14th of May, 1992 the enemy once again attacked the bordering villages of Tovuz region. Gasim and his battle friends counterattacked and he threw 20 missiles at the enemy after defining the target. After a short while of silence, the enemy decided to attack again and one of the enemy missiles hit Gasim’s car. And our brave Hero – Gasim Rzayev died heroically at the age of 22.

He was married.

Rzayev Gasim Gara was posthumously awarded the title of the “National Army of Azerbaijan” by the decree # 457 of the president of Azerbaijani republic on the 5th of February, 1993.

He was buried in Alibayli village cemetery.

Hajalli village secondary school is named after the hero.



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