Rzayev Rovshan Abdulla

Rzayev Rovshan Abdulla

Date of birth: 15/10/1969 Date of death: 08/01/1999

He was born in Sahil district of Baki city on the 15th of October, 1969. He entered VladiGafgaz School of High Military Commanders after finishing secondary school # 253 after E. Ismayilov in 1986. Rovshan began working as a platoon commander within the Internal Military Units of Central Asia and Kazakhstan in 1991.

He decided to return to his Motherland when the troubled days of the country began with the undeclared war by the vicious enemy. He was appointed as a Commander of the 6th Unit of the Defense Regiment # 6500 in February of 1992. Rovshan started taking active part in the operations against Armenian invaders and was often visiting the Front. He managed to destroy a lot of enemy manpower in the battles for the defense of Papravand, Pirjamal, Aranzamin, Shelli and Nakhchivanik villages of Aghdam region. But the brave commander was serelly wounded in the battle for the defense of Nakhchivanik village. And in spite of being wounded, he did not leave the battlefield and helped a lot of wounded soldiers to leave the battle field safe. He was hospitalized for a while and the wound had to be healed. The Headquarters considering Rovshan’s bravery and courage promoted him and made him the Chief of Staff of the Unit # 7535 within Ministry of Justice in March of 1993. And in 1994, he became a Chief of Staff of the Regiment # 4 where he once served. Rovhsan was a courageous fighter indeed and he never surrendered to the enemy never was defeated. Thus, he was again promoted to the rank of the Commander of 15th Regiment within the Defense Regiment 6500 on the 19th of January, 1996. And a short while later, another promotion. This time he was promoted to the rank of Chief of Staff within the Defense Regiment of the Ministry of Justice. He was also promoted to the rank of Captain. Latterly, he became a Commander of the Unit that was in charge of the defense of Gobustan Prison.

A group of prisoners revolted on the 8th of January 1999. The rebellions took captive several wounded soldiers in order to implement their plan. The commander rushed to the Prison as soon as he heard the news. He wanted to have the negotiations with the rebels and save the captive soldiers. Rovshan was proposed to be a captive himself instead of the wounded soldiers. He accepted the dangerous proposal and saved the lives of the soldiers. The Police captain Rovshan Rzayev died on the day while fulfilling his duty.

He was married and survived by two children – a son and a daughter.

Rzayev Rovshan Abdulla was posthumously awarded the title of the “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree # 73 of the president of Azerbaijani republic on the 12th of n, 1999.

He was buried in Sahil district. There is also a park named after the hero in Sahil district and a monument of him is put in the park as well.



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